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The new course: “From Research to Practice” has begun! 

Register now for 8 weekly sessions.  The course consists of lectures on understanding and analyzing psychiatric research studies with explanations of basic statistical concepts. It is based on the new release of the second edition of “A Clinician’s Guide to Statistics in Mental Health” by Nassir Ghaemi MD MPH. Buy the book and receive a 10% discount on the course, equivalent to getting the book for free for the CME course or at half price or greater discount for non-CME courses.  Simply email the receipt from your book purchase to info@psychiatryletter.com to receive the discount.

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Buy this textbook as a basic resource of the PL approach to psychiatry. Use the coupon code to get a 30% discount!

Plus get a coupon for a 10% discount on any course after you buy the book, equivalent to saving half more on the overall book price.  Simply email the receipt from your book purchase to info@psychiatryletter.com to receive the discount.


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About Registration

If you have not taken them, register for our foundational CME/CEU courses – The PL Advanced Diagnosis and Psychopathology webinar course, and the PL Advanced Psychopharmacology webinar course.

A student discount will be given as always, and full CME and discounted non-CME options will be provided for the Diagnosis and Psychopharmacology courses.

Registration has been extended for these courses and will remain open throughout the calendar year.


I just wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for your online course on Psychopharmacology and Advanced Diagnosis. Your expertise, insights, and teaching style are inspiring and have left a profound impact on me.

The emphasis on the limitations of the DSM, hierarchies of diagnosis, and affective illnesses have been substantial for me in my medical practice. Patients are living better, using correct medication, after years on unnecessary monoamine agonists. The concepts of temperaments are a game changer.

I have already recommended your course to my colleagues, and I plan to purchase your lectures on the History of Psychiatry soon.


I use and reference your books with patients and students frequently. I really look forward to the classes and have been grateful for the impact you’ve had on my thinking and my practice with patients.


Your courses are a true gift. The published and validated information in his courses is sorely lacking in many, if not most, CME courses in our field. The breadth of his knowledge across many disciplines is prodigious.

Learning from Dr. Ghaemi’s work has had a profound, positive impact in how I treat and teach about psychiatric care. I also can’t recommend his webinar courses strongly enough. Not to sound too hokey but his work has revitalized my love for the subject of psychopharmacology!

This is an invaluable resource for psychiatric -mental health clinicians, medicine, nursing and allied health and also for those who endure a difficult life bereft of your wisdom and knowledge. Your dedication to the health and welfare of patients and clinicians is laudable.

Finally, someone is thinking outside of the DSM.

I used your textbook for our Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner students last summer for their Psychopharmacology course. They really enjoyed your book and found the material accessible and relatable.